Guidelines for Wedding Florist

Guidelines for Wedding Florist

at our Parish

Welcome to Our Lady of Grace Church. A Catholic wedding is a religious ceremony. It is recommended that you keep the focus on the actions of the sacrament, rather than decorate excessively. You are expected to be aware of our guidelines and follow them. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in your not being asked to return. You are a guest of Our Lady of Grace Church.


The following are the locations for flowers and candle stands:

  • Two floral pieces in proper scale in 8” diameter papier-mâché or plastic pots, for the tall metal stands flanking the crucifix. These stands may not be moved.

In addition to the above, you may also include the following:

  • Two smaller floral arrangements in front of the candle stands beside the altar.
  • One in front of the ambo (reading stand).
  • A Unity Candle on the left side of the sanctuary between the tabernacle and the altar. The church, if requested in advance can provide a glass table.
  • Pew markers consisting of floral arrangements or bows may be placed along the inside aisle, providing that elastic, ribbon, or plastic is used to secure them. No wire, no candles, nor tape of any kind may be used.

Delivery Times: Timeframes for delivery must be arranged, in advance, with the church office.

Please also note:

  • Flowers from a previous celebration are to be placed on the counter in the work sacristy, the room to the right of the altar.
  • The kneelers for the bride and groom are not to be decorated.
  • No additional arrangements, decorations, or fixtures are to be used in the altar area.
  • No floral arrangements may be placed in front of the altar.
  • Do not interrupt services held in the church before the wedding. Please give parishioners time to exit.
  • Please do not double-park, block driveway entrances, or park in the disabled zones.
  • No candles are permitted along the inner aisles.
  • No paper floor runners are permitted.
  • No tape of any kind is to be used on the floor, walls, fixtures, or furnishings.
  • Please insure that floors, furnishings, wall, and surfaces are protected from damage of all kinds. Clear plastic is to be placed under any extra candelabras, if used.
  • Please avoid arrangements that leave behind excessive petals, leaves, moss, water, or any sort of litter on the floor.

Thank you for your cooperation!