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Our Location

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
223 East Summit
San Antonio, Texas 78212

(210) 734-7285 |

Church Staff

Parish Priests:
Fr. Martin Leopold
Fr. Patrick Guidon, O.M.I.
Fr. Agustin Estrada

Deacon Denis Perez, Pastoral Delegate
Kimberly Olivarez, Religious Education Director
Patricia Pollack, Director of Pastoral Ministry
Diane Wyrick, Business Manager
Marie Eisenhoffer, Parish Secretary
Patricia LeVrier, Office Assistant
Robert Steele, Youth Ministry Coordinator

Pastoral Council:
Cristen Peterson, President
Hervey Abotsi
Shelly Clary
Victor Fraga
Kirsten Furl
Alma Garza
Debra Gooden
Laura Macom
Roger Williams

Contact information:
Fr. Martin Leopold:  210.734.7285
Fr. Patrick Guidon:  210.734.7285
Deacon Denis Perez:  210.734.7285, ext. 204
Kimberly Olivarez:  210.734.7285, ext. 206
Diane Wyrick:  210.734.7285, ext. 201
Patricia Pollack:  210.734.7285, ext. 203
Marie Eisenhoffer:  210.734.7285, ext. 200

Finance Council:
Margaret Netemeyer Cockerill
Richard Flint
Steve Oswald
Kayla Nowak
Chris Bolner