Saintly Madness
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This Lent Our Lady of Grace Parish invites you to participate in a learning process that is as inspirational as it is fun. Lent is a sacred time of prayer and preparation and what better way to prepare than to reflect on the Saints and their passion and commitment to living their faith and following God’s will. If we can follow their lead and demonstrate Christ’s love in our lives, we will transform our own community.

Voting began on March 2nd and continues on weekdays through Lent as indicated on the bracket. Vote below on the daily match. The active match is indicated by the yellow rectangles. The winner of completed rounds is indicated with a star. The ultimate winner is awarded the Our Lady of Grace Halo of Grace. Clicking on the Saint provides basic biographical information and you are strongly encouraged to do your own research about each of these worthy Saints.

For more information go to the Saintly Madness Facebook page:

Additional information on the saints may be found here: