Saintly Madness
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This Lent Our Lady of Grace Parish invites you to participate in a learning process that is as inspirational as it is fun. Lent is a sacred time of prayer and preparation and what better way to prepare than to reflect on the Saints and their passion and commitment to living their faith and following God’s will. If we can follow their lead and demonstrate Christ’s love in our lives, we will transform our own community.

OLG’s Saintly Madness is patterned roughly after “March Madness”, the NCAA basketball tournament that sends millions of fans into a frenzy. Similarly, in Saintly Madness, 32 saints are placed into a tournament-like single elimination bracket all “competing” for the Halo of Grace.

So how do you join in the action? In one of two ways:


Submit one completed bracket (include your name and phone number/email in the space at the bottom of the bracket) of your predictions of who will win each round and ultimately the Halo of Grace. All brackets must be completed and dropped off into the boxes in the foyer of the Church or by emailing your completed bracket to on or before February 18th. Note you cannot fill out your bracket on-line. The winner or winners of the contest will win the earthly “Halo of Grace” and a prize. (Note the CCD classes are competing for the class Halo of Grace).

2. On Line Voting.

On line voting for your favorite Saint will be available on the Our Lady of Grace Website at beginning February 15th. (Please only one vote per pair, per person!) Each pairing on the bracket will occur the day indicated on the bracket link. For instance the first pairing (Sts. Francisco & Jacinto Marto v. Bernadette) will occur February 15th . 16 Saints make it to the Pious Sixteen; 8 advance to the Blessed Eight; and 4 make it to the Saintly Four; 2 to the Championship; and the winner is awarded the Our Lady of Grace Halo of Grace. Basic biographical information for each Saint is on the website, and you are strongly encouraged to do your own research about each of these worthy Saints. From time to time we will post additional information as well.

3. Paper Voting.

If you would rather participate by paper ballot, you can vote after the weekend masses using the ballots furnished in the Church foyer. Study up, because you will be voting on the pairings of the week as follows:

February 18 voting will include eight pairings:

  • Francisco & Jacinto Marto v. Bernadette of Lourdes
  • Philip Neri v. Bonaventure
  • Josephine of Bakhita v. Kateri Takakwitha
  • Stanislaus v. St. Henry
  • Ethelbert v. Theodore of Tarsus
  • Louise de Marillac v. Julie Billiart
  • Martin de Porres v. Peter Claver
  • Joan of Arc v. Colette

February 25 voting will include 5 pairings:

  • John of God v. Ambrose
  • Edmund Campion v. Thomas More
  • Agatha v. Eusebius
  • Junipero Serra v. Kim Taegon
  • Margaret Alocoque v. Faustina Kowalska

March 4 voting will include 6 pairings:

  • John Vianney v. Francis Xavier Cabrini
  • Jose Gabriel Brochero v. Isaac Jogues
  • Valentine v. Cyrus & Methodius
  • Results of Martos/Bernadette v. Bakhita/Takakwitha
  • Results of Neri /Bonaventure v. Stanislaus/Henry
  • Results of Ethelbert/Theodore v. Porres/Claver

March 11 will include 5 pairings:

  • Results of Joan/Colette v.Louise /Julie
  • Results of John/Ambrose v. Agatha/Eusebius
  • Results of Junipero/Taegon v. Campion/More
  • Results of Margaret/Faustina v. Brochero/ Jogues
  • Results of Valentine/Cyrus v. Vianney/Cabrini

March 18:

  • Blessed Eight

March 25

  • Saintly Four

March 29 (Holy Thursday)

  • Halo of Grace

CCD Voting.

In addition to submitting a bracket. The CCD classes will be participating by voting each week on the weekly line-up. Each student may also participate individually and submit their vote either on line or by paper ballot.